livescan fingerprinting in jonesboro, ar

Livescan Fingerprinting passport photos

We look forward to assisting you and/or your company in completing your LIVESCAN fingerprints, F.B.I. background check and Passport photos. Professional state boards and/or hiring companies that request your background check will provide a confirmation number/paperwork that is required to process your LIVESCAN fingerprints. Passport photos may also be required, which we will be glad to provide to make your process a quick as possible.

AMRK Security can be paid via cash or credit card. Agencies, please contact us to request monthly billing. All background check results will be processed by the F.B.I./State and sent directly to the requesting agency, not AMRK Security.

We are located south of I-555, next street south of Parker Road, between South Caraway and South Stadium.

2503 Sunny Meadow Drive Suite A Jonesboro, AR 72404


What Is Livescan Fingerprinting?

LIVESCAN Fingerprinting is the latest technology in fingerprinting for background checks or law enforcement purposes. LIVESCAN fingerprinting electronically captures fingerprints with an advanced LIVESCAN machine. Instead of using traditional ink to roll your fingerprints, your fingerprints are placed on a glass plate and scanned electronically. It is more efficient, more accurate, and less messy than traditional fingerprinting methods.

Passport Photos

Passport Photos are now available from AMRK Security. Standard 2 inch by 2 inch photos in the required format as may be needed for professional licensing when processing your F.B.I. background check and/or LIVESCAN fingerprints.